What are the most important factors in achieving independent living?


 A Career or Trade


Steady Employment


A Stable Place to Stay

We at Young Builders of America love nothing more than to help our members achieve these important factors.

Our program begins with our intensive construction training program leading to on the job training and job placement.

The program ends with our housing program.  It is comprised of our 3-STAGE

Transitional Living Program.

Stage 1

​     Temporary Housing Program

Stage 2

     Young Builder Housing/Training program

Stage 3

     Independent Living Program

We provide a positive and professional turn around in our member's lives with a proven track record of intense training and motivation that make that happen. 

Help us provide a valuable resource for our community!


our housing program

the path to Independent living

"We believe that everyone should have a decent safe place to live.  We build and repair houses using volunteer labor and donations.  Our members are eligible to purchase these houses through innovative financing from the Young Builders of America Program".

                                                                                                           Errick L. Farmer