from homeless and unemployed







Who are the Homeless?

"A Homeless person is someone who is without a conventional home and lacks the economic and social support that a home normally affords."  

Young Builders of America
A team of professionals dedicated to "Bridging the Gap Between Homelessness and Affordable Housing"


Our portfolio includes successful professional construction companies as well as material suppliers.  Our sponsors are community businesses and business leaders willing to take part in our training program.  With this partnership, our sponsors have the opportunity to teach, train and hire a member for their company.  "What a great way to mold "The Ideal Employee".

Consistently meeting and exceeding the expectations of our stakeholders while receiving personal satisfaction for our quality effort through a devoted teamwork of excellence to mentor, train, and employee young adults seeking viable employment and the skill set necessarily to thrive independently.

​Our members are volunteer Homeless and Unemployed young adults actively seeking a viable opportunity to gain knowledge and skills in the construction industry.  Our members undergo an extensive training program that will ultimately lead to permanent job placement with one of our affiliate partners or sponsors.

Young Builders Of America uses new and innovative ways and processes for planning, tracking, and managing our training program. All of our members actively participate in our On the Job Training Program.  We provide training through projects by Young Builders and our affiliate sponsors.  We currently offer 15 different divisions of Construction Training.

"To Provide New and Effective ways to bridge the gap between Homeless Individuals and Affordable Living"
"To Provide Temporary Housing, Hands On Job Training, and Permanent Affordable Housing"

Engaging young adults to actively participate in life application mentoring and training programs which will lead to employment in the construction industry.